First Nations Health and Healing app

An app when family might not be with you, which holds your identity & health information when you need it most.

IMIGO improves communication and engagement between First Nations people and Health Professionals leading to better health outcomes. IMIGO is a First Nations mobile app available for everyone.

First Nations Standpoint

IMIGO is developed from a First Nations worldview, understanding the inter-relatedness between ourselves and our environment. My Health & My Profile sections enable you to have ready access to details about your cultural and personal identity, your health, and to healing, through landscapes you choose from, and videos of Country.

Details stored only on your phone

IMIGO saves all information to only your phone and does not need the internet, except for downloading the app. We do not sell or use any data and IMIGO works the same while you are offline. Check your information on IMIGO regularly to make sure its up to date.

Health Communication App

IMIGO is a communication app, only put in details you want health professional to see. When stress prevents you from remembering your diagnosis or medications use IMIGO to communicate with professionals, so you receive the best care. It's equally important professionals understand your cultural identity if your comfortable share this information as well.